Your designer has quit unexpectedly!!

23 Dec

What!! Again? but Why?

One of the funniest and most relatable for some of us. "Error. The designer you treat like shit has quit unexpectedly. Your company and other employees are not affected. Click Renegotiate to discuss terms for new contract. Click HR to find out how badly you fucked up." The earliest post I can find of this is from

One of the funniest and most relatable for some of us.
“Error. The designer you treat like shit has quit unexpectedly. Your company and other employees are not affected. Click Renegotiate to discuss terms for new contract. Click HR to find out how badly you fucked up.” The earliest post is probably from as mentioned at 10-design-jokes-to-brighten-your-weekend

I don’t think anyone of us disbelieves in the above, which has been exhibited in a really humorous way. We would have come across numerous articles describing the ways to deal with these situations, however, sometimes it’s just the wrong set of choices and ignoring the early signs that indicate something of this sort. Since, each case is different and may not be repeated, there is always a chance to take precautions and think before we act. It will save a lot of effort and regret that might be in store following a wrong set of choices.

I personally feel that the best way of dealing with such situations is to always work as a team so that you can display a wide range of thought works, which will naturally cover a lot of ground when dealing with people with even a wider range of mindset. Alternatively, it helps when taking decisions, adding final touches and conceptualizing any project right at the beginning.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

There are always opportunities around us, we just need to be alive enough to get hold of them.


Breathing Life Into My First Web-Graphics

26 Jul

Pricing Cards

Make some money, and they “lived happily ever after”. We, graphics designers don’t really desire much but even then, we face the toughest competition when it comes to satisfy people and try to think the they think, try to act the way they act and even react the way should, but “in advance”. Yes, only then we can apprehend a suitable design for them. This was my first experience when I started designing a group of cards for various pricing schemes. Pricing Cards are usually placed for various offers like beginners, experts or entry, moderate and hardcore and all forms of unique and sarcastic names, and the terms and conditions of their offers. Nevertheless, they “lived happily ever after”.

Ugly & Unattractive

pac0This was the first draft I had prepared because, sincerely, I had no clue that it was supposed to attractive and un-ugly. Later, when I saw it, I realized that not only it was unattractive and ugly but also “uzbeki” and yeah, no one understand uzbeki. So, jokes apart, this was really plain and a flattering example of bad marketing. I thought and came up with something else.

Aggressive & Un-ugly

pac2After a while of deep thinking, I came up with this, but this was too red and aggressive. There was this humongous medallion on the left, which did more bad than good.


pac3Even if that wasn’t enough that I came with this, which was not just aggressive and un-ugly but also belonged to primates. They has their copyright over the medallion from their first wild boar hunt, the javellins were right behind the shield and the blood red maze within it. So, really this wasn’t going to work. I went again for my meditation.


pac4Now, this was a ray of hope. Finally, something was getting close to the theme and requirement of the project. One could only improve from here.

Looks Good

A very promising line in this business.pac5

They “lived happily ever after”

Screenshot from original website

A lot of times, it is difficult to make a clear line between the number of attempts and the number of failed attempts. One way around this problem is to take feedbacks but that option remains an untrodden path if the client is confused. It becomes even more difficult when the client is confused, can’t really tell what it needs, looks upto the designer for inputs and rejects everything, whatsoever. If the 10th one didn’t make it, the 11th one might or even the next 10 wouldn’t make it either. This choice is entirely upon the reasoning of the designer.

How do you show dynamism in a logo?

24 Mar


In general terms it refers to energy and vigor in work. In reference to Physics, it means change. It is derived from the root word  dynamics which again means the phenomenon of change.

So, I hope you enjoyed my last article on differentiating between a house and home. Recently I was trying to build some concepts for a logo designing contest at freelancer and I found myself in a difficult situation trying to depict some abstract words on paper.

Design Brief

I think, I should start with the brief, first, so that you can understand what I mean here.

The logo itself must be standalone with no text.
The logo should be simple, elegant with clear design
The logo should communicate trust and maybe action,
It needs to be professional and eye catching.

And it was in the business of what it referred to as the teambuilding company. The name was ONSIGHT. They expected to include a few other things as well; first being a representation of a global company that reaches to anywhere to its customers, second being dynamic strategy to support individual customers accordingly.

Although I did not win it, albeit was rated 3 Stars, but still I’d like to share my experience with the brand research and conceiving the design. It can surely guide you in your work and if you get every bit right, might crack a deal or two.


Let’s Start

So, the first thing is to pick the words of relevance to our project. This is the most important step, as your decision on choosing one and leaving out another might be the turning point in your life. Now, I am saying this because whenever we designers try to encompass different abstract words and depict them on a paper, it is not always possible to show every aspect of the client brief, and therefore, we emphasize on some things and leave out the others.

I picked up the following words: team, trust, action, dynamism, global and their name onsight.


One of the most relevant word in any business. Whenever we hear this words we also recall a phrase circle of trust. Always start with a googling the words and see what others see when they google those words. circle of trust


So, we can think of showing holding hands, a circle of holding hands or a minimal circle. What I chose was just a circle because my niche is minimalistic artwork. Hence, I started with something shown below.

circle of trust



I took note of the name of the company, next, because most of the time the graphic icon must relate to the name, and if you noticed earlier, they meant to have a standalone design. Therefore it must relate to their name as well.

The words onsight can be broken as on + sight = on sight. Thus, we have to bring in vision, sight or perhaps an eye that is representative of the term sight.






The next thing that I thought about is the term global. It means somethings that spans around the globe, around the earth, is international and has outreach to ideally anywhere on earth. Therefore the next thing was to relate this concept to our design. Let me show how I did that, below.






The occupation that the company is into, must be taken care too. It mentioned about team building and therefore comes the concept of  a team.

The ellipse is duplicated a number of times to represent more than one and hence, a team.





and thus we arrive at our final design shown below.


Finally, Dynamism

So, finally I’ll show you how did we take care of dynamism in this whole concept. This was the most daunting task considering that there are thousands of logos that represent speed and dynamism and the most generic ones being arrows and horizontal parallel lines. So, I had to think something else that was unique and complementary to the designs I’d conceived so far.

The word dynamism is derived from dynamics, referring to energy or vigor in action, movement, change or morphism.




Even though you have the best product in your hand, unless you know how to express it the best way to capture the audience, it is a total waste of time. Expression is the key to success. Therefore always acknowledge your designs with mockup that supplement your design.

onsite-billboard onsite-iphone Tri-Fold-Brochure-Mockup-01-onsit1 poster_mockup_MD-onsit1 Perspective-Business-Cards-MockUp-onsit1



So, did you like the story of…


Introducing 3D Collage & Illusion Art

7 Feb

3D Art Hits Museums

A lot of museums exhibit 3D arts to attract people to get photographed in hilarious positions and compositions and even more, they sometimes do seem very real. Just a googling the term should give you tons of breathtaking images, all creations of our minds.

I tried making a couple of them and am sharing them here. Although it just uses Photoshop techniques but getting it right is often difficult, for me (I’m a newbie). I’ve just used the shadow effect and created the first picture and a collage of a forest for the other one. I hope you like them.

Lady on a palm

3D Art 1

The palm was painted using a painter program. I used Corel PhotoPaint but Photoshop is also equally good. The illustration of the lady didn’t work out well because of my lack of proficiency in Photoshop and above all being just unmindful. I tried hard to make the hand though and it looks pretty good. You can try out similar things and create lot better stuff.

Hanging-out branch

3D Art 2

This was supposed to have a large snake trying to reach out from the branch with a lady on its side. That would have been really cool but again lack of Photoshop skills breaks all dreams. I used two pictures and you can combine more stuff and give it your own perception.

So, meanwhile, this ‘thing’ is going mainstream with a lot of creativity artists creating very realistic paintings and posters that are in high demand for such museums. I can say, there is a great future in this stuff.

Looking for an elegant A-Lettermark Logo?

7 Feb

A-Lettermark for Techies

This logo design was conceived in an attempt to create some simple and elegant concepts for one of the contests at freelancer. The composition and background used for presentation were also created along with the logo.


A Letter



A lettermark logo is a symbol representing the initials of the name of a company, in a stylized manner, usually unconventionally, so that they look more prominent and distinctive relative to other texts aside. They are often supposed to be used alone without the text and represent the company everywhere.

The difference could be a custom font, partial representation, silhouette of the letters, connected letters or morphed letters. The ultimate quest is to design something very attractive and visually pleasing.